RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

#28 The Feed from zkSync

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We are excited to announce that as of today the RSS3 protocol and nodes are fully supporting zkSync for content and data indexing. This will bring more opportunities and capabilities for our users and revolutionize the future of Web3.

Our integration with zkSync is significant and brings together the best of both worlds. In future, we look to work closely together and move forward with the projects from both sides; by bringing more presentation possibilities for various forms of feeds to zkSync through RSS3. Simultaneously, RSS3 brings a fast, low cost, permissionless option for applications in the ecosystem through zkSync.

This collaboration provides a richer user interface and enhances their experience. Additionally developers and eco-projects now have more room for imagination and operability.

About zkSync:

zkSync is an open-source Layer-2 blockchain that eliminates Ethereum’s costly gas fees, scaling constraints, and performance barriers using zero-knowledge proofs. Built by a distributed team of leading cryptographers and engineers, zkSync is designed to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology while scaling the core values of Ethereum.

Bootstrapped by initial funding from the Ethereum Foundation, zkSync has powered over 10 million transactions, fuels major web3 applications including Argent and Gitcoin, and recently launched the first EVM compatible zero-knowledge rollup allowing developers to deploy general-purpose applications written in Solidity.

About RSS3:

RSS3 is the feed of Web3. By providing a decentralized environment for content, social networks, and social economy, it aims to become the backbone of future social, content, and gaming applications.

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