Stage One Roadmap

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It is always important to share what we expect to achieve and the trajectory we plan to get there. Giving date promises has always been a bad idea since the level of uncertainties can always force the team to face a choice between missing the deadline or shipping something we are not proud of. So here, we will be talking about the things we are about to finish in the first stage of RSS3.

We expect our work on RSS3 at this stage to be focusing on building the fundamentals of our protocol and product. So here are some of the most important things we will be working on, and their relative pace and sequence.


We will be shipping a stable version of RSS3 standard that is open, clean and efficient. It will be focusing on cyber personas and how they create and communicate information. The standard makes it possible for every cyber persona to be a information hub itself.

RSS3 Extension:

We will be building a browser extension that helps users painlessly create and update their RSS3 files in a fashion they are already familiar with. This is the first step towards a future where everyone will be posting on their RSS3 files.

RSS3Hub Alpha:

We will be having a temporary centralized hosting and indexing service that handles our protocol design, testing and alpha testers. It will be like RSSHub ( only for RSS3 plus indexing and update support. Also, there will be a web app for users to interact with the hub as well.

RSS3Hub Beta:

Right after the testing of RSS3Hub Alpha, we will be working on RSS3Hub Beta which will be distributed. Everyone will be able to run a node and contributed to the network. We will be giving some credits to people who join the beta test, which will be converted into tokens, if there is any.

SuperFollow Dapplet

Together with Mask Network (, we will create the SuperFollow Dapplett on Twitter which will add the Patreon feature on Twitter for any Mask and RSS3 users. The Dapplett will be truly decentralized and we expect it to be the first step for distributed content monetization for creators.

These are the core things that we will be working on in the next 6 to 9 months, and more are yet to come.

Stay tuned!

Joshua & The RSS3 Team