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IO W33 Changelog

This week’s release includes the followings:

  • Added a new Reader entrypoint right below the search bar.
  • Added the support forliquidity, a new exchange type.
  • Added the support for exchange transactions taken placed on AAVE and Curve.
  • Added a new RSS subscription button in the profile card to make it more accessible.
  • Improved ENS-related error messages.
  • Introduced various UI changes to keep things coherent:
    • Added a new footer on each page.
    • Improved stylings for UI elements (radius, shadow, highlight, colour etc.).
    • Optimized the overall layout for mobile.
  • Fixed a list of bugs:
    • Rarely, the profile might not be updated in the subsequent search.
    • An incorrect search bar behaviour caused by certain Android keyboards.
    • Catch and handle image errors in galleries caused by IPFS.
  • Other general performance improvements.
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