RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

RSS3 Monthly Summary September 2022

September was busy for us at RSS3, in case you missed anything here’s a quick look at what happened this month:

RSS3 Native

  • ETH Warsaw
  • Cointelegraph feature
  • Piñata 1: Lens x RSS3
  • Token 2049

Partnerships / Collaborations

  • x RSS3
  • Lens x RSS3
  • Metopia x RSS3
  • BTS Labs panel
  • BNS x RSS3
  • HYVE x RSS3
  • EIP-1557 & PlanetableXYZ
  • xLog

ETH Warsaw

Members of our team were present at ETH Warsaw! It was a great event; we met many other cool web3 builders and heard from some great speakers. Keep up to date with RSS3 on Twitter to be sure you don’t miss us at any future events ;)


Cointelegraph feature

RSS3 was proudly featured in a Cointelegraph article that discusses the future of the protocol. Some of the details inside include features that help you stay updated in web3, insights into what RSS3 is building, and one of our latest partnerships with Lens Protocol.

Read the article here -> cointelegraph




RSS3 Piñata is a special event on that is filled with surprises! In this edition, we have worked with our frens at Lens to allow Piñata winners to get onboarded to their vibrant Web3 social ecosystem, aka claiming a Lens handle, among other prizes.

During the Piñata period from 21 Sep 2022 (00:00:00 UTC) to 7 Oct 2022 (23:59:59 UTC), visit and explore the most readable Web3 Feed.

To participate, you need to connect your wallet on, with an active wallet address, and start exploring. Piñatas are subject to limited quantities, the event may terminate before the aforementioned date.

There are some basic eligibility requirements and rules that can be found here:

Token 2049


Our co-founder Usagi was present at Token 2049! He was able to meet many web3 users irl and gave a cool presentation alongside other projects. x RSS3

We are proud to announce our partnership with! has listed $RSS3/USDT as a tradeable token with their new RMM feature. We were able to offer 5,000 USDT as rewards for users who traded RSS3 tokens on during a special period. Our team also hosted Twitter spaces with representatives from and answered questions about both projects! Be sure to follow @rss3_ to make sure you don’t miss future spaces. 💫


Lens x RSS3

We are thrilled to announce that RSS3 has finished integrating support for Lens (kudos to both teams behind the scene!). Now all activities that happen on Lens will be accessible through the RSS3 API,, and all apps built with the support of RSS3.


Metopia x RSS3

Metopia and RSS3 are gladly partnering to enhance the DAO and NFT tooling services provided by Metopia. Together we'll buidl on top of an already rich set of metadata to enable communities to implement an immersive reputation-based governance system.


BTS Labs Panel

Our team member Matt was featured in a panel from BTS Labs discussing the Ethereum merge, the future of RSS3, and the state of the market. Big thanks to BTS for the invitation!



RSS3 will now be able to support the BNS index function with BNS team , which allows users to check the on-chain activities of BNS on and api fastly and easily, including NFT, donations, transaction history of tokens, Mirror, xLog, governance and other on-chain activities.


The partnership not only enriches the product functionality and user experience of both parties, but also provides an easy and stable development interface for BNS eco-developers, offering more options and possibilities for the development of both eco-projects.


We are proud to announce that $RSS3 token has been integrated into the HYVE app! You can now use the token on HYVE platform to pay for tasks, jobs, and offers.


Learn more about HYVE and RSS3 here -> HYVE-RSS3

EIP-1557 & Planetable XYZ

We are excited to announce that RSS3, including and the PreGod API, now supports all content from EIP-1577 related IPFS and IPNS CIDs. This is a big step for RSS3 and once again, we'd like to show that we will support all decentralized and permissionless networks no matter if it's a blockchain or not. We will work with @PlanetableXYZ which supports all native EIP-1577 content. Now, the developers can get content with the same API with more rich content and results. Let's BUIDL together! Build & Enjoy!



Last but certainly not least! Our frens at have released a new app on the Crossbell chain, a decentralized blogging platform called xLog. xLog is an on-chain and open-source blogging platform, where all blog data, including configs, posts, following, comments, etc., are permanently stored on the blockchain. Your data is controlled by your own hands and can only be controlled by you, not the platform.

Untitled design (9).png

Learn more about xLog and Crossbell here -> ,


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