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RSS3 Weekly Update May 29-June 4 Y23CW23

☀️ Good Morning! The European Union formally signed its landmark Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation into law last Wednesday, taking the bloc closer to becoming the first primary jurisdiction in the world with tailored rules for the sector.

🤓 MiCA Regulation - what is it and why does it matter?

  • The Markets in Cryptoassets (MiCA) Regulation is the EU regulation governing the issuance and provision of services related to cryptoassets and stablecoins. Adopted on April 20, 2023, by the European Parliament, MiCA is the first and only legislation of its kind in the world and leads the way for other jurisdictions.
  • MiCA currently covers ranges of crypto-assets including Asset-referenced tokens (ARTs), Electronic money tokens (EMT), and cryptoassets that are not considered ARTs or EMTs, such as ‘utility tokens.
  • MiCA leaves several components of the digital asset world outside its scope, these include DeFi , non-fungible tokens, security tokens, and cryptoasset finance.
  • In order to provide regulatory certainty and stronger protections for consumers in the crypto market, MiCA establishes mechanisms to ensure that stablecoins are truly stable, require enhanced transparency in the market, and prevent players from creating excessive risk.

👏 Proudly announcing that our search engine is now the first in the market to support Lens Protocol's Momoka.
You can now search anything Momoka by simply entering a 0x address, Lens Handle, or just a keyword.
Try it here, and start your Web3 journey with the enhanced scope and effortless navigation.

Some Numbers

$RSS3 Statistics (as of June 4, 2023)

Market Cap$ 41.97M
24h Volume / Market Cap ratio0.0159
7d Low / 7d High$0.105 / $0.1129

Market DeFi Index

Last week’s crypto market prices rose slightly by +1.16%. Volume increased by +7.80% while volatility dropped by -31.34%.

🧐 Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were both down at -4.0% and -1.7%, respectively, in the past seven days. Other selected top-cap tokens also mostly fell.

Source: Research

RSS3 Network Metrics (as of June 4, 2023)

Total API Calls211.65M
Total Open Web Activities376.96M
Last 7-Days Active Personas30,184

Product Update


  • The development of RSS3 Data API v2 is progressing according to the planned schedule.
  • The integration of the Base Goerli will be live shortly this week: we want to ensure a smooth transition when the Base mainnet goes live.
  • We are working on the support of the BTC network as the first step to incorporate a non-EVM blockchain in the RSS3 Network. Sit tight, BRC-20 hodlers!🎢


  • Continuous optimization for AIOP M1, this week we are working on training M1 to be a Polygon expert.👨‍🔬
  • We are experimenting with Zero-Shot Learning specifically for classification.

Marketing Update

  • We joined #Arweave's Voice🎙- AMA session with @ArweaveEco last week. Womtom, the beloved spirit and also CMO of RSS3, discussed the shared vision between Arweave and RSS3, highlighting how RSS3 is diligently working towards building Web3 AI.

  • In a major boost to all partners in the BNB hackathon, over 20 top Venture Capital (VC) firms have joined the Zero2Hero program, providing a validation of the tremendous potential exhibited by all the projects within the hackathon.

Stay tuned for more updates, and keep the good vibes flowing!

📭 Til next week!

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