RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

RSS3 Weekly Update June 5-June 12 Y23CW24

☀️ Good Morning! The battle between SEC and CFTC continues to intensify over the past weekend. With CFTC winning the lawsuit against Ooki DAO, the regulator's victory serves as proof decentralized entities can face legal consequences for their dealings, contrary to popular beliefs.

🔥 Last week, Ethereum released a fresh roadmap for the network's future objectives, with a strong emphasis on three critical areas: layer 2 scaling, wallet security, and privacy. These 3 transitions might shape the direction of the blockchain industry and pave the way for innovative Web3 projects in the years to come!

We recently added support for Lens Protocol’s Momoka, an L3 scaling solution designed to facilitate the mass adoption of the decentralized social network. Being the first to integrate Momoka demonstrates RSS3’s commitment in being a key contributor in the open and decentralized social network movement. This integration will bring Momoka access to all of RSS3’s ecosystem projects and dApps.

You can now search anything Momoka by simply entering a 0x address, Lens Handle, or just a keyword.
Try it here, and start your Web3 journey with the enhanced scope and effortless navigation.

Some Numbers

$RSS3 Statistics (as of June 11, 2023)

Market Cap$ 35.42M
24h Volume / Market Cap ratio0.025
7d Low / 7d High$0.085 / $0.1085

Market DeFi Index

Last week’s crypto market prices fell by -6.92%. Volume and volatility increased by +29.83% and +122.67%, respectively.

🧐 Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were both down at -4.3% and -7.5%, respectively, in the past seven days. Other selected top-cap tokens also fell.

Source: Research

RSS3 Network Metrics (as of June 11, 2023)

Total API Calls215.233M
Total Open Web Activities384.296M
Last 7-Days Active Personas44,436

Product Update


  • We just had another BUIDLing work to focus on delivering the next major version of our APIs.


  • We are further strengthening our data analytics capability by supporting more analytical tasks.
  • We are actively working on a content-scoring module, aiming to improve both the accuracy and relevance of text content when it comes to model training.
  • We are exploring multiple techniques for recognizing intent to improve the users' experience when it comes to responses.

Marketing Update

  • Momoka of @LensProtocol is now accessible for all RSS3 ecosystem projects, dApps, and developers. Learn more on its integration with the RSS3 Network and how RSS3 utilizes AI to contribute to the decentralized social media movement.

  • Great AMA session on topic #AI&Wallet with @BurritoWallet, @ParticleNtwrk, and @SenderWallet. We've gained new insights into these innovative technologies and look forward to seeing the mass adoption of crypto wallets in different areas.


  • RSS3 will be sharing insights on Decentralized Data, AI & Beyond at #DWebCamp2023. This event brings together technologists, artists, researchers, and policymakers from around the world to collaborate on building better decentralized technologies, governance, and principles.

Stay tuned for more updates, and keep the good vibes flowing!

📭 Til next week!

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