RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

RSS3 Weekly Update April 24-30 Y23CW18

Good morning. Today is International Workers' Day, also known as May Day. From ancient European origin, today marks the beginning of summer. 🌼

What better way to celebrate than to HIGHLIGHT the past year's hard work of the RSS3 team?

🌟 Innovations & New Launch

  • The AI-Training Open Platform (AIOP) has been introduced, allowing users to train models with minimal effort and techniques.
  • The initial model has been trained on AIOP, namely Model 1 - a Web3 AI Assistant, which aids users with conversational outcomes.
  •, the pioneer Web3 search engine, empowers intelligent search across all on-chain and off-chain feeds.

🌟 Business Development

  • Secured over 30 million USD in total with support from leading backers.
  • To date, our ecosystem has seen over 80 collaborations, resulting in significant growth for the RSS3 project.

🌟Network Performance & Community Growth

  • In 2022, the RSS3 network processed over 1.4 billion requests.

  • As of April 30, 2023, our Twitter account boasts 51.5K followers, while our Discord and Telegram communities have 14.1K and 16.6K members, respectively.

PS: Click here to join the AIOP waitlist and get ready to train your own Web3 data-focused AI model with minimal coding requirements. Within 3 simple steps and wait for the magic to happen 👻

Some Numbers

$RSS3 Statistics (as of April 30, 2023)

Market Cap$54,272,528
24h Volume / Market Cap ratio0.0248
7d Low / 7d High$0.1399/$0.1528

Market DeFi Index

Last week’s crypto market index was up 3.09% ↗️

Source: Research

🧐 Bitcoin and Ethereum continued leading cryptocurrency prices lower Friday after rising Thursday to reclaim some of their Wednesday gains. The major digital assets rallied to key levels Wednesday following reports that First Republic Bank is back in survival mode after its massive deposit outflows but reversed lower.

RSS3 Network Metrics (as of April 30, 2023)

Total API Calls187.03M
Total Open Web Activities346.6M
Last 7-Days Active Personas58,861

Product Update


  • Completed the data coverage for Link3.
  • ENS just had a major upgrade to their contract (ENS Name Wrapper). Our efficient API instantly supports the leading naming service, offering Web3 users seamless syncing convenience.


  • We continue to improve the Token Price Prediction feature for AIOP Model 1, by extracting more decision factors from Web3 data covered by RSS3 Network.
  • We are also actively testing the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capability of AIOP Model 1. 🦉

  • We are experimenting with a new module - Hoot News. The module is powered by an in-house AI model completely built by the RSS3 AI Team (no OpenAI here, yeah!!) to perform tasks such as ranking, and summarization. This feature will enable you to stay informed on the latest news, even when you are short on time.
  • General optimizations and bug fixes.🐞

Marketing Update

  • Successfully acquired four new BD wallet leads. Our team has been working diligently to expand our reach and establish partnerships with key players in the industry.👬
  • We have participated in the #Zero2Hero Hackathon, where we shared our views on the future outlook of AI and Web3 Data. 👾

Stay tuned for more updates from RSS3.

Til next week!

RSS3 Team

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