RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

RSS3 Weekly Update April 17-23 Y23CW17

Good Morning, we've managed to let 31.34% of the year 2023 slip away.
It's always a good idea to learn something new and smart!

Cross-Chain Data Indexing?

  • Searching for data across different blockchain networks (aka cross-chain data indexing) can be accomplished simply by using an Indexing Protocol that allows nodes to index and search data across multiple chains. This can significantly reduce the time, cost, and complexity of development for Web3 applications.
  • An Indexing Protocol is a distributed indexing mechanism for organizing blockchain data. It is often used by applications to query open APIs in order to retrieve data that has been indexed on blockchain networks.
  • With the help of an Indexing Protocol, data are funneled into a 'common environment,' which makes them available in one place and minimizes the need for the user to accommodate different interfaces or match the data to a source before they can use them.

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Some Numbers

$RSS3 Statistics (as of April 23, 2023)

Market Cap$56,167,011
Trading Volume$1,618,473
7d Low / 7d High$0.1396 / $0.1684

Market DeFi Index

Last week’s crypto market prices were down -9.78%. Volume and volatility increased by +4.79% and +22.25%, respectively.

Source: Research

🧐 All major crypto indexes finished slightly lower last week. Bitcoin price hit a 7-day low on April 19 at $29,158 after failing to maintain the key $30,000 level.

RSS3 Network Metrics (as of April 23, 2023)

Total API Calls180.7M
Total Open Web Activities343.7M
Last 7-Days Active Personas153.3k

Product Update


  • Automated the RSS3 API documentation generation that conforms to the OpenAPI standard, making it easier for developers to interact with and integrate RSS3 into their projects. A new doc site will be live soon, stay tuned!
  • Start developing v2 of the RSS3 API, which aims to fully decentralize the product through a new architecture. This includes a sharding plan for our databases, which will improve the stability and scalability of the system while maintaining its performance.


  • Continued with the NLU development of AIOP Model 1, which allows AI to better understand and respond to user queries.
  • Commenced the work on the token price prediction module - an integral feature of AIOP Model 1 to leverage RSS3's massive data coverage.

  • Incorporated information about popular NFTs into HootGPT, so you could easily receive up-to-date information on your fav collections.

Marketing Update

  • ETHTokyo event is still ongoing, and we continue to share updates on our IRL activities through our Twitter.
  • Actively working on wallet integration with exciting collab projects, and we are looking forward to expanding our client base into new segments.
  • In addition, we are making progress in integrating our API into Deviews - a Web3 review & ranking dApp. We are gradually growing the RSS3 ecosystem and delivering additional value to our users.

Stay tuned for more updates from RSS3.

Til next week!

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