RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

RSS3 2022 Q4 Rewind

The following report summarizes the progress and developments of the RSS3 team during September, October, November, and December.



In September, our focus with the RSS3 team was on improving the RSS3 Networks’ scalability and security. We implemented several key updates to the PreGod infrastructure. Additionally, we also added support for several new decentralized finances (DeFi) protocols, including Aave and Compound, which gave users more details for lending and borrowing actions on chain.

RSS3 Community and Adoption Update

  1. RSS3 Stage2
  2. Partnership/Eco-development
    • RSS3 X Lens
    • chose rss3 as their product's feed
    • Sync your best tweets on chain! Try Crosssnyc!
  3. Giveaway
    • RSS3 Crossword
    • 100$ RSS3 for 1st monthsary on IG
  4. Education
  5. Meeting/Space
    • Usagi in SDE Forum 2022
    • Joshua in Twitter space with Youbi Capital, Mask and Meson
  6. Others
    • Community voting: What gets you excited most about #web3?
    • 50,000 Followers on Twitter!
    • Information Dissemination in Web3 from Joshua

RSS3 Technical Update

RSS3 devlog: IO W33

We released the last version devlog this month. What should you care about? Of course, some updated functions:

  • Reader: you can check your Reader entrypoint right below the search bar
  • Liquidity function
  • Something different from AAVE and Curve
  • A new RSS subscription button
  • Improved ENS-related error messages
  • Various UI changes
  • Others

More details:

New version in Try your Web3 feed now

We've made some changes to the search results categories, and if you remember our previous version, you'll find that the latest version will be much cleaner and more useful, including trending, tx and more.

More details: v1.1 released

Our developers have been doing a lot of work on the development process to provide the best Feed service to the community. This is the latest version of RSS3, which is faster and more stable than before. Developers will have a better user experience with this version. Let's see what're the new functions:

  • Feed Granularity
  • Profile and Gallery
  • UI Improvements
  • Content

More details:

RSS3 Community and Adoption Update

1. RSS3 Stage2

Do you remember what RSS3 cared about in Stage 1? We didn't think time could pass so quickly, and our focus on Feed from start to finish has been supported by the entire ecosystem. It's time to Stage 2! From PreNode to PreGod and Crossbell, from Cheers and Revery to

Thank you very much for always being with us in the community and being the first users of each of our product updates! To infinity and beyond!

More details:

2. Partnership/Eco-development

RSS3 X Lens

Yes, we have finished our technical partnership in the past time. That's very exciting to see what will happen in our ecosystem. Starting today, all activities that happen on Lens will be accessible through the RSS3 API,, and all apps built with the support of RSS3. This partnership here is also a great demonstration of the composability and interoperability that the Web3 ecosystem has been aiming for.

More detail: chose rss3 as their product's feed is the multichain web3 social layer. They announced that integrates RSS3 for users' profiles, NFT activity, transaction history, and posts on RSS3 feeds.

More details:

Sync your best tweets on chain! Try Crosssnyc!

We have a great project in our ecology. By authorizing embedding on Twitter, you will be able to see that the tweets you send will be seen in the feed on the chain. Of course, you can also choose Off when you don't want it to appear. Want to try it now?

More details:

3. Giveaway

RSS3 Crossword

We got many answers from our community! Your answers were all fantastic! The first participant who gets all the answers right will receive $100. Let's see who the other four lucky winners are that were chosen in the comments section! Check here for the winner list.

If you missed it, you could check here for more details:

100$ RSS3 for 1st monthsary on IG

Easy steps to enter! Let's follow our Instagram & Twitter!

More details:

4. Education

How to qualify as a blockchain

More details:

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Web3 starter pack

If you are new to Web3, here is some advice for you! What do you need to prepare? First, it's a wallet, and other sections maybe you are also interested in.

More details:

Introduction to blockchain

If you are new in this industry, let's see what should you need to know.

More details:

5. Meeting

Usagi in SDE Forum 2022

This August, RSS3 's co-founder, Usagi, had a sharing topic at the Singapore Digital Economy (SDE) Forum 2022! The topic of this panel was Reimagining Data Sharing with Web 3.0. Hope you guys met Usagi in Singapore already!

More details:

Joshua in Twitter space with Youbi Capital, Mask and Meson

This space was on August 12. Here are the topics they discussed:

  • Macro/Micro outlook on the SocialFi space
  • Economy vs Governance tokens, do we need them?
  • Highly anticipated SocialFi projects to watch out for this year

More details:

6. Others

Community voting: What gets you excited most about Web3?

Yeah, we are curious about it. That's why we asked on Twitter. Well, 44.1% of you voted for Decentralization, and 39.3% voted for NFT. Do you want to know more about other thoughts?

More details:

50,000 Followers on Twitter!

Yes, there are more than 50,000 followers on RSS3's Twitter. Thank you, all!

Information Dissemination in Web3 from Joshua

What we want to share, it's a thread about Information Dissemination in Web3 from Joshua, RSS3's founder. Let's take a look at the product screenshots to see what stages we go through for feed acquisition. This is the earliest stage. We had very limited consumable data (mainly webpages) on the Internet.

Then there came RSS

When we enter the blockchain world, we can query a single blockchain information through the blockchain browser page, such as etherscan.

There are feeds like RSS3, which provides aggregated and human-readable feed across different networks.

Any thoughts about it? We want more comments from our community!

Let's chat it out:


We made several major enhancements to the in October. We added a new feature that allows users to quickly and easily access a wide range of dApps action.

Support for More Decentralized Networks

  • Crossbell Support
  • Support Crossbell, and all dApps on Crossbell.
  • Improved the compatibility with xLog on Crossbell.

  • EIP-1577 Support

You can now follow anyone’s IPFS website (here’s a look at Vitalik’s) on

  • Social Feed Enhancement

Follow now shows the handles and profiles of both users.

Comment now shows the original post.

Quality of Life Improvements Introduced loads of quality of life improvements:

  • Added buttons for:
  • Closing the profile galleries (NFTs and Donations).
  • Triggering feed refresh. On mobile it turns into pull-to-refresh.
  • Added detail popups for more feed types (exchange, and transaction).
  • Improved the handling of various text content:
  • Truncated super long ENS names.
  • Adjusted font weights for wallet addresses.
  • Improved the loading speed of IPFS content.
  • Improved the screen utilization, reduced margins between various elements.
  • Redesigned the notification style (try the refresh or watch button).
  • Redesigned icons for:
  • Watch in the profile card.
  • RSS in the profile card.

Dev Log v1.1.41

Supported additional Web3 Name Services to make it easier for you to stay updated.

  1. SpaceID - .bnb
  2. dotbit - .bit
  3. Unstoppable Domains - .crypto, .zil, .nft, .wallet, .x, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .blockchain

Added a brand new search bar. It supports the list of popular Web3 Name Serivces, with a nifty auto-completion feature.

A filter can also be applied directly in the search bar.

Piñata 1: RSS3 x Lens has ended.

Winners can now head to for claiming the prize!

We've also added a page where you can check your Piñata history.

Future Piñata will be added here as well, so please come back and check it regularly.

Rectified some feeds that were incorrectly rendered.

Events and Partnerships

Plasma.Finance x RSS3

Our friends at Plasma Finance built an awesome tool using the power of RSS3! We're proud that they chose us to power their new SocialFi features. Try it for yourself here

Blockchain Economy DubaiMembers of the RSS3 team were present at the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit! It was a great experience with many other interesting projects and ideas being presented. Always keep an eye out for us at events and come say hello 💫

Web3 Social Singapore Meetup

Our co-founder Usagi was a panellist at the Web3 Social Meetup in Singapore alongside projects like Mask, Near, and Quest. These incubations between project leaders always create interesting dialogues and narratives. Stay on the lookout for similar meetups on Twitter Spaces!

RSS3 x SpaceID

We are excited to announce a new partner this month, our frens at SpaceID!

SPACE ID is a universal name service network that currently operates on BNB chain. They are building one of the first cross-chain universal identifiers in the blockchain space, with the first domains being .bnb.

RSS3 will now support and index SPACE ID .bnb functions, allowing the exploration of activities by SID users. This partnership will strengthen both the RSS3 and SID ecosystems, pushing towards a more open and readable web3.

RSS3 Piñata

The first RSS3 Piñata period came to a close with over 300 winners. Thanks to all who participated, and if you missed out on this one, stay tuned for another event in the future!

RSS3 x Unstoppable Web

We are excited to announce another partnership with our frens at Unstoppable Web!

Users can now browse the wide range of Web3 identities powered by Unstoppable Domains on the RSS3 feed.

A little bit about our new partner: Unstoppable Domains is on a mission to return the power of the internet to people. To accomplish this, they are creating NFT domains that put users back in control of their data.

"These aren’t just traditional domains, these are domains with superpowers."

The mission of our frens at Unstoppable Domains aligns with ours at RSS3, and we believe that this collaboration will make the Web3 ecosystem more readable and transparent for users. RSS3 allows users to browse many types of domains on the feed, now including Unstoppable Domains.

Devcon Bogota

International man of mystery Usagi was present for RSS3 at yet another event, this time at Devcon in Bogota, Colombia. This event was a great meetup for the Web3 ecosystem, the first Devcon meetup in two years.

Here are some photos from events that RSS3 co-sponsored!

Social Hour Hackathon

RSS3 is proud to host a hackathon alongside Gitcoin, Mask, Ledger, IPFS, and Biconomy!

Stay up to date with the hackathon here .


In the month of September RSS3 reached 200 million requests! We are excited and grateful to hit such a milestone. Thanks to all users who requested data in the month of September!


In November, we continued to focus on expanding the Pregod’s capabilities and adding new features. We announced support for several new dApps, including QuickSwap, Curve, and KyberSwap. We also introduced new staking for users who want to earn rewards for holding certain tokens.

Our founder Joshua joined ama with other companies on Moonshot Commons, leading incubation events.

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The final month of the quarter saw us adding even more dApps to the platform, including ParaSwap, Rainbow Swap, and Polygon Staking. We also added support for SpookySwap, Lido, DODO Swap, and a new version of 1Inch.

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Additionally, RSS3 has been featured by Binance Research in their Insights & Analysis report on web3 and the road to mass adoption.

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**At the final of the year, meet RSS3 yearly Web3Wrapped 2022.

Rewind your year and enter the raffle for a chance to win an amazing prize PLUS our limited edition onchain achievement reward!**
Screenshot2023-01-15 16.52.39

The Sum Up

Overall, we have made significant progress in the last four months with the RSS3 team. The addition of new features and support for various dApps demonstrates our commitment to innovation and expanding the RSS3 Network’s capabilities. We will continue to work hard to bring new and exciting developments to the RSS3 Network in the future coming months. We are excited to see what the future holds for us. Let’s keep building Cheers!

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