RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

Everything AI-Ready: From AI to AIOP

How does AI Change the Game

The launch of the GPT by OpenAI has heralded the era of the AI gold rush. As AI technology continues to evolve, model training takes center stage for Web3 projects, with efficient data utilization being vital for technology monetization. The ascent of GPT has inspired numerous BUIDLers to foresee the emergence of more intuitive AI services within the decentralized network.

💡 The core idea behind the Open Web is to build a new Web environment with open code, open protocol, and open information. To elaborate on that, the Open Web usually includes blockchains and all other parts of the decentralized Web.

RSS3, the information dissemination protocol, aims to serve as a bridge between the decentralized world and AI technology, ensuring that the Open Web remains at the forefront of this new AI trend. This has been made possible by leveraging the data from the Open Web, converting our online and on-chain content into valuable data that can be turned into profit for all contributors during the training process.

New technology development can lead to the exploitation of those who contribute to the data, as seen in the case of GPT products. While mastering the necessary coding skills can lead to high payoffs, it is insufficient compensation for all contributors. Those lacking coding skills are often left unable to fully benefit from technological advancements.

RSS3 can act as a gatekeeper to ensure decentralized network data is utilized fairly and that profits are distributed equitably. We proudly introduce the RSS3 AI Open Platform (AIOP) to address this issue. Whether you are a model trainer, data contributor, or node operator, we believe every BUIDLer can benefit from the AI gold rush and get a slice of the cake with our low-code AI training platform.

What is RSS3 AI Open Platform?

The World's 1st Low-Code AI Training Platform, Powered by Open Web Data.


The RSS3 AI Open Platform is an open platform that allows users to train their own AI models using RSS3's large collection of Open Web data. Our data encompasses activities on decentralized networks, including collectible transfers, social media interactions, and Metaverse achievements, all interpreted and disseminated by the RSS3 Protocol. We offer tools and resources for data management and model training, along with community support and collaboration features as the project evolves. This approach empowers swift AI model training and application deployment in an open and accessible environment.

The AIOP Philosophy


  • On AIOP, users are able to customize the scope of data for training. This includes selecting filters such as network, platform, date range, and more. No coding is needed as we take care of the underlying technical complexity.
  • Once the data scope is defined, AIOP processes the selected data and generates a preview of the dataset for the user to examine. Cost estimation for training the model will also be provided.
  • As we run optimization tasks such as data duplication, data simplification etc., we effectively minimize the data required for training without compromising the quality of the resulting model, thus reducing the cost and making the training significantly more affordable than other platforms.


  • At RSS3 we promote fair rewards for all stakeholders, aiming to foster a sustainable ecosystem that benefits everyone. While we are still working on the details, our native token $RSS3 will be playing a crucial role. When the opportunity arises, rewards will be distributed to support all stakeholders from data contributors to node operators.


  • Powered by the comprehensive Open Web data on the RSS3 Network, the trained AI models can be employed in various applications including an AI assistant that offers personalized conversations, recommendations, and even price predictions. We can’t wait to witness the innovative ways users will utilize these models.
  • Additionally, users are able to train the model incrementally as new data comes in, allowing the model to continually evolve and adapt to new information.

A New Frontier in the Evolution of AI

The RSS3 AI Open Platform offers a practical and immersive approach for everyone to benefit from AI innovation. From AI-ready data to training, users can effortlessly explore AI potential with AIOP.

The advent of GPT-4 marks a significant new era in information history, and possibly even humanity. As we anticipate a surge in AI models, we invite Open Web BUIDLers to join this progress. AIOP is vital for keeping the Open Web current with the latest AI trends. Our extensive data coverage, including on-chain and off-chain data, creates a rich and diverse resource for AI model training.

The platform's training data is readily accessible, allowing for both pre-set and customized configurations based on specific contexts. Leveraging our robust information dissemination capabilities, AIOP enables seamless transitions between decentralized networks, ensuring a smooth AI training experience.

💡 RSS3 is committed to building an open and decentralized web environment, providing the most decentralized architecture possible to serve everyone.

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