RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

#5 Re: ID - Ever 52-Hertz, Never companionless


Since when such 'subtle' adjustments softly crept into my social media life : Posted tweets turned inaccessible due to irrational accounts lockup; Accomplished blogs vanished without a single trace thanks to the sudden so-called maintenance; Collected Playlist shifted grey along with the expiration of platform's copyright; Followed public accounts collapsed overnight whilst the contents got blocked and the usernames gone with the wind; Subscribed videos should have been laying peacefully in cozy web couches whereas apart from unscrupulous advertisements the mere stuff left was unreasonable delete announcements...

Shall I hate the platforms? Considering they provide us with a diversity of use case scenarios , perhaps I shouldn't be to harsh on them. Nonetheless, in terms of exploiting users' property to their own profitable capital, imprisoning users in the scope of their services, monopolizing the jurisdiction on clients' spiritual assets, the remained respects are long gone. Instead of employing dictatorship towards consumer resources, an optimal platform are preferred acting as a mere carrier as well as aggregator of digital contents— for customers themselves, ought to be entitled for being responsible for their own options, spreading their own recognition as well as collecting their own preferences. Provided the platform fail to satisfy their demands, they can just switch to another one. Users, at any time, shall be empowered to take away every single pieces of the content properties. Most significantly, it is the output participants produce rather than the enormous scale the platform extends that counts, for it brings out restless vitality in a sketch-newly-established platform.

Therefore, during the past three years, I have organized my personal blog along with constructing two federal universe instances; And now, my companions and I, generate RSS3 and programs on the basis of it—Re.

In the world of RSS3, platforms are no longer THE ONE RULE, users in fact constitute the heart of our network-Rather than at all kinds of platforms' mercy, COMMIT FOR YOURSELVES; Re offers its customers a compatible layer: Not only can they carry on followings and daily sharing through conventional platforms, but also users are enabled to synchronize messages tweeting on RSS3 network, bursting cross-platform restraints and meanwhile preserving contents of their free will. Furthermore, in response to requirements about multi-platform and distinct content compositions, we are attaching multi-language/account/platform support for Re, in the hope that different platforms may match corresponding accounts. We are developers as well as application users, and users will continuously be the end that drives all demands and all our loyalty direct towards.

Adopting Chrome/Chromium Plug-in developing strategies, we divide kernel codes into Content Script(webpage injection)/Background Service Worker(as its name suggest)/Popup Page(refers to minor ones)/Options Page four modules in total.

  • Content Script are in charge of anchoring the synchronize button on the webpage while simultaneously mounting hooks for event-Listeners. As users complete their delivering the subjects will be automatically uploaded and integrated to RSS3 network.
  • Background Service Worker currently dominates evaluation regarding whether URL of the ongoing invoked label page are supported or not, additionally implement convert and modification to specific icons.
  • Popup Page plus Options Page produce grants and control for users when accessing resources, along with reveals of instruction information on webpages, it is quite convenient for users to realize functions such as detecting/registering/inviting.

Given that our network is currently located at testing stage, membership of a fresh user requires invitation from whom have participated in the program; Owing to our support for executions on twitter platform, you may effortlessly deliver tweets involving your address at one click and waiting for invitations to join in; We will also continuously follow associated stamps ready to deliver our most sincere invitations for every user wish to give the brand new RSS3 ecosystem a shot.

At present, Re as our imaginary prototype already comprises elementary structure/executions/function characters, basically achieve compatibility with Twitter synchronization delivery, also on the shelf of Chrome Web Store( which makes it more convenient for downloading and employing the steady constructed version. We team is constantly making best efforts to include support for more platforms, optimization for details and realization for functions. With the iterations and cultivation of RSS3 protocol, more accomplishments for content are ever evolving; Meanwhile, being a liberty-oriented/anti-centralization/anti-investigation software, Re will maintain basing on open source granted by GPL v3 (GitHub: ). We welcome companions from community to join our endeavor at any time, carry on contributing to the ever-flawless RSS3 world.

The information turbulence are restlessly splitting our media space to isolated pieces. Monopoly platforms attempt to take every advantage of our resources, they intend to shape us into 52Hz whales that send out companionless call. Nevertheless, we are no longer solitary, we haven't been solitary. Our associations transcend platform bonds, our values surpass platform restrictions, we possess what we own from the beginning of our life: wisdom, passion and courage, we create what we truly devote to.

If you are interested in RSS3, and willing to take part in the environment cultivation, you may participate discussion on Github or contact us in the following ways.




Stay tuned!

— Nya and the RSS3 Team

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