RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

#22 Welcome UneMeta to RSS3


We are excited to announce that the RSS3 protocol and its nodes will fully support the UneMeta ecosystem! With this collaboration, UneMeta becomes one of the first NFT asset applications based on the RSS3 protocol. We look forward to providing more amazing experiences for our users in the future together.

As an infrastructure for Web3.0, currently, RSS3 fully or partially supports more than 14 projects for their social, content, e-commerce, metaverse applications and more. For UneMeta, an NFT focused metaverse product, the RSS3 protocol will provide feed-related support, including but not limited to content, social interaction, gaming and other environmental assistance.

Follow the official Twitter accounts of @Une_Metaverse and @rss3_ for more information on the collaboration!

About UneMeta

UneMeta is an NFT focused social & market space that will help everyone retake their social, asset and creative values in the Metaverse. Currently, these values are taken by the middleman and by centralized authorities. In the UneMeta ecosystem, they are recirculated and redistributed in the DAO, to reward participants and contributors. For this goal, UneMeta will connect and provide value add for authentic Web 3.0 projects and teams, working together for a truly decentralized world.

About RSS3

RSS3 is the feed of Web3. By providing a decentralized environment for content, social networks, and social economy, it aims to become the backbone of future social, content, and gaming applications.

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