RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

#19 $RSS3 Early Incentives 1


As the LBP comes to an end, we would love to share with you the detail about the first early incentive airdrop. The development of the project is the result of different stakeholders working together, especially users. Therefore, the first incentive airdrop will all be allocated to past community participants.

Allocating airdrops are always challenging, especially when we have more than 59k users with different levels of participation. Generally, here are the criteria for different community members:

Early Incentive #1 Allocations


Active User

Those who are active users from any RSS3 supported application will naturally be entitled top a small amount of $RSS3.

RNS Holders

RNS holders are those who participated in early donations of the project, or any community events that resulted in getting a $PASS token on the ropsten testnet, and also burned the token for an RNS. They are more engaged users and each of them deserves more rewards.

Family NFT

The RSS3 Family NFT was airdropped to those who participated in the RSS3 ecosystem in the early days. As early supporter, each of the NFTs will be receiving a bonus reward.

Whitepaper NFT

The RSS3 Whitepaper was introduced at the time when we released our official whitepaper. It is an important asset for the ecosystem as an early credential. Though more will come for Whitepaper holders, we believe it is crucial that each of them receiving part of the reward.

Wrapped NFT

At the end of 2021, we introduced an event regarding your brief of the year and had the option for minting it as an NFT. We believe those who carry the NFT are also entitled for part of the reward.

Community Leaders

Community leaders have been extremely supportive in the development of the project. We believe they deserve part of the reward for their dedication.


If you are an active user with an RNS, has a Family NFT, a Whitepaper NFT and a Wrapped NFT, then you will be airdropped of 3,400.73 (67.3 + 446.79 + 338.96 + 1464.84 + 1082.84) $RSS3 Tokens.

Snapshot has been completed

You will be able to check your airdrops soon and claim them starting at 2 pm UTC, March 15th, 2022.

For those who are curious about the upcoming 8% of the early incentives - stay tuned!

Joshua and the RSS3 Team

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