RSS3 is an information dissemination protocol for Web3 with the core elements of feed and search.

#11 Our Revery


RSS3 is the feed of Web3.

A feed is simple, but a standard for this new and complicated era is hard - and more so with a decentralized technology stack which “can’t do evil”.

We hold a strong belief that as a community-driven team, it is always important to roll out updates and demos during this prolonged period of research and development. With that in mind, we released the first version of RSS3 with RSS3 Hub and Re, which focused on native content. Then, we released the second version of RSS3 which enables account verifications and indexing regarding external assets and content - which was later on demonstrated by the demo app Web3 Pass (

One might ask why these updates and demo apps do not have a lot to do with a feed, at least that’s what it looks like. Well, the simple reason is that a feed is complicated. In order to have it built out, there are essential parts that we have to set up. The previous versions of RSS3 and RSS3 Hub, together with the applications were the result of these parts along the way, not the core functionality.

With a year of researching and developing, we are finally here to announce that a “Minimum Viable Product” for RSS3 is ready and now running on the RSS3 Pre-Node with two major updates other than the continuously evolving standard:

  1. Every address now has a feed.
  2. Every address now has an aggregated feed of those it follows.

Here, a lot of things can be included in your feed: joining in an event in Decentraland, attending an online course, posting a new Tweet, publishing a new Mirror article, receiving a new NFT...

An RSS3 feed will become the cross-network update for any given user or organization, and developers will have the ease to build out any type of applications based on the infrastructure like this. We expect these dApps to be built:

  • Social Media: RSS3 now provides the most crucial things for a social media - information source and social-graph-based distribution channels
  • Profile: as the Web3 Pass does, we expect more and better profiles to be built out of the feed and assets RSS3 provides
  • E-Commerce: an eBay is just "feed + transaction", as transactions are being handled perfectly by cryptocurrency, feed is the last thing needed for Web3 e-commerce platforms
  • Content Publishing: content platforms like can be easily built with existing distribution channels
  • Dating: a constantly updating feed is one of the best ways to get to know one another
  • And of course, more to be discovered

As always, to demonstrate what this big update means and how it works, we have secretly developed an application called Revery.

Revery( is a feed aggregator with very basic functionalities. However, it is a very signifying product for the whole Web3 community - it is the first “social media” done with a Web3 ideology: it is designed to be compatible with almost all networks, centralized or decentralized, and provides this tremendous experience of interoperability that only a Web3 ecosystem could provide. It allows you to subscribe to addresses and get constantly updated feeds - for Revery, not the financial updates about buying or selling tokens, but those fun NFTs to mint, interesting events to join, or just a piece of new information to read. Also, Revery does include some of the basic ways for one to discover new users, whether from a list of random users or, say, a list of Loot hodlers. This part needs significant updates and we are constantly welcoming new ideas.

There is a ton of work to be done and challenges to be overcome. The RSS3 Pre-node is still not stable (which is the reason why it is not open-sourced yet); pre-node is only runnable by us and we are still working hard toward the whitepaper for the decentralized architecture; Revery has very limited features and is expected to have a lot of bugs... But we are deeply impressed by the support we have got from everyone from the community, where we constantly gain growing strength and confidence. And that if all who care about the freedom of information join the journey, nothing would be left unaddressed.

RSS3 is a revery toward the freedom of information: we found this revery fascinating not only because of what it aims, but more of how it aims - it originates from this common belief that anyone, no matter it is us or someone else, as long as the freedom of information is achieved, is part of the revery.

RSS3 is never just about the code, the technology, or the application - It doesn’t matter if there is an RSS4 building exactly the same thing right after us - It is a revery built upon the collective belief toward the freedom of information, first as the revery of myself, then the revery of this amazing team, and now the Revery of every one of you.

RSS3 will redefine feed.

Revery will be out on 25th, December 2021.

Wish you a very merry xmas

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